Friends of the AAIE

Projects planned

These are projects planned for the future

With your support AAIE is planning on the following urgently neccessary projects:

- (energy saving) lighting system for classroom 3, 4 and 6 (approx USD 6,000.--)
The electricity, cables & lamps, in these rooms is completely outdated and needs to be replaced

- data projector, screen & ceiling mounting system for room 3 & 4 (approx USD 4,500.--)
Many classes can only be taught wit the use of data projectors. Due to the partly protected architecture of the rooms (old ceilings and stukkos) the installation of any technical equipment is very costly and needs to be done by specialists

- new floor for rooms 3 & 4 (approx USD 10.000.--)
In 1960 the Semperit company sponsored the floor coverings in these rooms. Ever since then AAIE could not afford to replace the old floors which can hardly be cleaned any more.

- new chairs and tables for rooms 3 & 4 (approx USD 8.000.--)
Our class size for US schools varies very much between 4 and sometimes 40 students. "Intelligent" furniture that can be adapted, moved and stored quickly costs lots of money. The lifespan of any of our old chairs has come to an end.

- sponsoring of part time worker at the AAIE, exclusively dealing with US College & University matters (approx USD 10.000.--/year)
Labour is Austria is incredibly expensive due to the social benefits which have to be paid my employers. AAIE has significantly lowered the number the staff over the last few years. In order to maintain the quality of service further downsizing is not possible.