Friends of the AAIE

What people say about AAIE

A selection of quotes...

"I cried my whole flight home, because I didn´t want to leave Vienna! I still dream about that city" (Carolyn Lindsay, BYU 2009)

"I was with CWC in 1964/65........we studied with your father and mother and became friends with your mother. Two of the most inspiring people in my life!" (Mary Miller, CWC 1964/65)

Some former students even put their impressions, experiences and ideas into words, like Chip Wagar who published his novel "An American in Vienna" - inspired by his study abroad time in Austria! LINK to the author

"You have a great product and an important service to provide to all of your customers. You're also a lot of fun to work for and I very much miss your spirit" (Dan Tikvart, former teacher 1999-2000, now US diplomatic service)

"My experience in Vienna and Austria has been a high point for all of my life" (Carra Lee Bolger, CWC 1964/65)

"My family and I have such fond memories of our visit to Austria..........fantastic time organizing such a variety of activities which were unique to Austria!" (Elizabeth Hess, SLU 1980)

"I look forward to keeping in touch with our Vienna fiends!" (Laura Henderson Penrose, BYU 2003)

"I look back on the time I spent in Vienna with great fondness, especially the teaching......." (Emily Bateman, BYU 2009)

"I loved my time at the AAIE!" (Ashley Bogdan, BYU 2012)

" I think often about my wonderful experience studying abroad in Vienna. Thank you!" (Christina Richards, BYU 2007)

"I love, love, love the AAIE! I love Vienna and know that my time there changed my life." (Covey McKinlee, BYU 2008)

"I was a student at CWC and spent 64-65 in Vienna. My sister Barbara Harrison attended 63-64." (Vicky Sandborn, CWC 1964/65)

"I like keeping in touch! (Gail Greenwood, CWC 1965)

"I LOVED and miss Vienna and thank you......." (Jillian Fritz Christensen, BYU, 2008)

"The time I spent in Vienna was some of the best I spent abroad" (Ahley Petersen, BYU 2005)

"It was great times! You and your Mom definitely know how to make people happy and productive!" (Arthur Poczwardovski, Associate Prof. Univ of Denver. SLU resident director 2005 - 2008)

"Wonderful what you are doing!" (Jochen Elterich, Ret. Professor University of Delaware)

"John and I often remember our wonderful times...." (Cynthia Lovely, CWC 1964/65)

"We are so excited to celebrate the 90th birthday together with you" (Rob McFarland, Associate Professor, BYU)

" Blessings to you for undertaking this project......." (Larry Peer, Karl G. Maeser Professor, BYU)

" Ich war 1985 in Wien bei Euch! (Hector Perez, Beaver College 1985)

"...........and hope to work with Amerika Institut when the time comes." (Jolie Roetter, Director of Global LearningAmerican University. Former
St Lawrence University Vienna Coordinator 2007-2011)

".....give my regards to my beloved teacher Frau Weissgärber" (Quoc-Anh T. Nguyen, University of Delaware 1982)

" Ich habe das Macalester Programm , mit Prof. David Sanford, in Wien gegründet........1968" (Ellis Dye, Ret. Professor, Macalester College)

"Wonderful to hear from you. I have fond memories and hope to bring my family one day...." (Lloyd Lipsett, Beaver College 1985)